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  • Long Awaited

  • Lizzie Called me at 8:30am on Thursday May 9th…Her Due Date. To tell me she was in Labour.

    I was surprised to hear from her, but excited as nothing starts the day off right, than a call to attend another ‘miracle’

    And a  ‘Miracle’ it was.

    Elizabeth Thorne, braved strongly through 14 hours of hard labour.

    She Took in every contraction with strength and determination and when she needed some support to get her through, She looked to Her amazing Doula, Partner Robert and her Grandmother all by her side.

    Unfortunately, Even under the best circumstances and with all her strength, the little babe was to enter our world by Emergency Cesarean Section.

    Gloria Carole Hopkins arrived healthy and happy at 8:48 pm.

    She was promptly brought to her father and placed in his arms.

    I could not have been happier to see her beautiful face. A long awaited Moment for everyone involved.

    Welcome Gloria.

    Your Mother was a Warrior. She was nothing short of amazing.

    And I will never forget the day you were born.

    Gloria Carole Hopkins

    May 9th 2013

    8:48 pm

    9lbs 4 oz


    View The Birth Story of Gloria Here: