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  • We're Waiting Sweet Baby Redpath

  • Im having trouble finding the words to start this Blog post about two people I care about very deeply.

    What do you say?

    How do you put into words that the very thought of this sweet baby coming into the arms of this amazing couple, makes me need to catch my breath and  brings tears to my eyes.
    My Beautiful Friend Amanda, waited a long time to find the person that completes her.
    And in Corey she found all she needed, and more.

    Sweet Baby Redpath is due to arrive mid- late september.
    I find myself thinking as I look through my photos….
    Will this baby get Coreys Fun Loving Nature.
    Amandas Beautiful Blue Eyes and Coreys smile.
    Will He or she be caring and thoughtful like Amanda, or as passionate as Corey.
    So many wonderful Qualities I adore in my amazing friends…

    This Sweet Baby is Coming into a life full of so much love.
    Hurry little one…We are all waiting to meet you.