Monthly archives:June 2014

  • The Hornby Family

  • I Think I’ve known Joelle all my life.
    Her Mom is our beloved ‘Aunty Rene’ and so our families have always been intertwined.
    Our Mothers were always passing Stories back and forth of what each one of us was up to in ‘life’.

    I really got to know them more about three years ago when I photographed them for the first time.
    I finally got to see first hand Alexs’ soft soul and kind, caring heart.
    I was won over by Avas’ Spunk and tenastiy. Her bright eyes and ‘cheeky grin’
    And I finally got to see this ‘great love’ Aunty Rene talked about between Joelle and Barry.
    Last weekend, I photographed them again.

    The last Three years have brought this family many challenges.
    None of which seemed to have dampened there spirits or their smiles.
    Still Kind and Caring.
    Still Cheeky
    And Still in Love.

    J 1J2