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  • The Pigeon Family

  • I couldn’t possibly say enough great things about the Pigeon Family.
    But Im going to try 😉
    Mairi, Blair and their Gorgeous Daughters Jacqueline and Rachel, met me river side at Bright Angel Park.
    I spent just over an hour with them.
    Photo shoots often don’t feel like ‘work’ for me, and with this family, that was very much the case.
    It was effortless to capture who they are as a family.
    They are connected.
    Full of love, and laughter.
    And They are Strong.
    I loved editing their gallery almost as much as I did photographing them.
    My Children are small now,
    but if I get to have the kind of relationship that Mairi and Blair have with their girls in the coming years,
    I would consider myself extremely lucky.

    Thank you Pigeon Family.