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  • The Caine Family

  • The Caine Family…
    Oh where do I begin 😉
    Amy and I have been friends forever.
    And although we have weaved in and out of each others daily life,
    she is the kind of friend that I could pick up in my car and we would still be giggling over the same joke one of us made 2 years ago.
    Thats what I love about her.
    Now her family…I love them just as much.
    We raised our kids together.
    Before this night, it had been a good year or so since the last time Id seen them
    They took my breath away.
    How did they get so big!
    How does that happen?!?!
    Im certain it was just yesterday Ames and I driving around town in her Honda Prelude listening to Missy Elliot, Right??

    Anyways, it was great to spend time with them.
    To Photograph them again (they were some of my first ‘clients’ 4 years ago)

    I hope to see more of their cute faces from now on.

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