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  • The Webbers' | Family & Maternity

  • I First met Nikki, Justin and Sweet Avery last Spring for some Family Portraits.
    They were new to the area and were starting fresh here on the island.
    Nikki was thinking about going back to school and they had settled on life as a family of three.
    Then I get an email a few months later….
    Nikki tells me she is pregnant! And not only that…with TWINS!
    I just about fell off my chair and tears welled up in my eyes.
    I was overjoyed for them!
    I knew how badly they were hoping to grow their family.
    And Growing it is!
    In October we will welcome two more Sweet Girls to the Webber family.
    Ill be there to capture every amazing moment.
    I cannot wait.

    Until then….some of my favourites from their Maternity Shoot.

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