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  • The Scott Family

  • This is the Scott Family.
    When Erin had contacted me, She had mentioned this would be their first family Portrait.
    Not because they had just never had any taken, but because the had just officially adopted their two children, Avery and Cullen.
    Well…this is such an important moment!
    The road for Erin and Chris to become parents had been long, with many bumps and heartache in it.
    But after Christmas, the Scott Family officially becomes, Official.
    Oddly enough, the two beautiful children are Irish Twins, like my own
    and almost the exact same age as my Tate and Sof.
    So I was completely at home with them, and I had a wonderful time capturing their strong connection.
    The whole family was very connected, like they had all been together since birth.
    It is easy to see in the photographs I had taken.
    And I was incredibly honoured to have captured such a momentous time for them.
    Erin Says “I often can’t believe we have these two beautiful children. It seemed so out of our reach for so long”
    Congratulations Scott Family.
    Here’s to a lifetime full of wonderful memories.

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