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  • Hudson

  • To say my sister has over come some pretty incredible odds would be an understatement.
    Although she has lived an exciting life, she has had more than her share of heartache.
    You’d never know.
    She commands a room with her positive, beaming energy.
    Her contagious laughter can be heard throughout a home
    and you just ‘know’ she is the kind of person that would do anything for you.

    She came into my life when I was 12 years old.
    The sister I never knew I had.
    And although we have lived our lives in different places, and in different ways,
    Motherhood brings us closer together.

    Renae met Nigel 6 years ago.
    In that time they have built  beautiful homes in Nicaragua and the Shuswap.
    They live a life full of hard work, love and a lot of laughter.
    3 years ago, they decided they wanted to have a baby.
    Things were not easy.
    Suffering from severe endometriosis, conception was harder than they imagined.
    My heart sank for her.
    Why? For someone who endured so much in such a short life,
    why would the world not grant her this one thing without heartache?
    After three failed IVF treatments, they came home, preparing themselves that, for now, it was still the two of them.

    Then I got the call.
    All on their own, a baby was on the way.
    Tears. Just tears.

    This is how my nephew came to be.
    Though tears and triumphs,
    heartache and then at last happiness,
    There is Hudson.

    Welcome sweet Boy
    You are so loved.
    We have been waiting for you.

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