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  • The Blackburn Family | Lifestyle Family Portraits

  • When I asked Ellisha where she wanted to meet for their family session,
    she said “Come to our home”
    The Documentarian in me jumped for joy because nothing makes me happier
    than photographing families in their ‘natural habitat’
    The Blackburns live in a little slice of paradise, tucked away and un noticed by those in the Cowichan Valley.
    But when I entered the home and walked through to the backyard I was in love.
    How incredibly lucky their two adorable, kind and friendly children are.
    The whole family are avid horticulturists,
    and so I spend part of my time with them exploring the back property
    and the native plants they are wanting to protect and keep flourishing.
    The whole picture, ever inch of them and their home was perfect
    as the sun set on us and I left them in laughter and ready to go in for dinner.

    Thank you Blackburns for inviting me into your life for an evening,
    I could hardly wipe the smile off my face working on these
    How incredibly Blessed you are.