Atira | Lifestyle Newborn

Sweet Little Atira came into this world just a wee bit earlier than anyone expected.

The night that her mother, strong and fiercely gave birth to her, I was there.

The family spent 2 weeks in the NICU making sure she was getting everything she needed
before coming home, and calling me to come and snuggle her, and maybe photograph her as well 😉

Shannon and Scott have settled in just perfectly with their two gorgeous girls
and Isis greeted her sister when coming home from school with undeniable love and affection.

When I asked her what her favourite part was about being a big sister,
she looked up at me, holding her baby sister, and said “Everything”
I said, “You have been waiting for this a long time haven’t you”
“Yes I have” she said.

Welcome to the World sweet Atira.

What a lucky girl you are with such a wonderful family and an incredible Big Sister.