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  • The Year of Self Acceptance | 52 Self Portraits

  • I want to tell you why I started doing this.
    After 2 years of photographing my family daily,
    it became very clear that there was one thing missing from our photographic memories….
    And although my postpartum body wasn’t interested in being photographed,
    I knew that years from now my children would look at these beautiful memories I gave to them
    and only have ‘selfies’ of me with them to remember me by.
    When a handful of photographers from the Dear Photographer community started this little project I jumped on board.

    I underestimated how hard it would be.
    I underestimated the effect it would have on me.

    I knew, because the self portraits were intertwined in the 365 project, that I wanted them to be mostly moments WITH my children.
    Also, truthfully, its easier.
    Me, myself and allll of my body issues were happiest hiding behind the smiles of my children.

    It was about half way through this project that I had a moment of clarity.
    After years of waking every morning HATING my body.
    After years of those thoughts consuming my days…
    Affecting my relationships…
    and sucking the joy out of my life…
    It was with these photographs that I discovered the beauty within my own skin.

    On July 27, the anniversary of my sobriety, I photographed myself in a bikini.

    It was one of the most empowering moments of my life.

    And this photograph not only speaks to me as a mother and as a woman,
    but to my children it shows them such power in loving yourself.
    While for years I hid, and pushed their hands away from my soft stomach,

    Now I celebrate it.

    It is my hope that it teaches them the importance of acceptance and love for everyone,
    but most importantly within themselves.

    So what started as a gift to my children, ended up being the greatest gift to myself.

    Here are my 52 self portraits of 2017,
    A year of self acceptance.

    // Today a collection of talented woman from the p52radness group are sharing our self portraits together.
    If you want to be inspired (and you will!) please visit Hali Tomczak and follow the loop until you get back to me.
    ENJOY! //