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  • Matt & Arianna | Engaged

  • Arianna texted me one day and told me she was coming over.
    This isn’t unusual, as our niece, and a nanny to our children when they were small,
    she has always been a big part of our lives,
    and we are thankful, and we love her.
    What I didn’t expect that day was a beaming Arianna with wonderful news.
    She was engaged.
    Little tears welled in my eyes.
    This is what I had been hoping for.
    I am so grateful she came to me on that day. That she wanted to tell me in person.
    That I got to see her face when she shared the news.
    We are big fans of Matt around here.
    He often takes extra time to spend with my kids,
    Wether its playing guitar with Noah or talking dinosaurs with Tate,
    Even when he didn’t have to he would tag along with her on Nanny days just to hang out with them.
    That speaks volumes to me as a woman and mother.
    More importantly he loves Arianna with all his heart and that is easy to see
    I love their connection, I love their story and I love them.

    Congrats to you.
    Here is to the next exciting chapter!

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