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  • Kodric & Blackmore Family | Extended Family Session

  • I feel like my whole childhood was spent with my uncle and cousins.
    Endless summers parties and movie nights, while our parents played board games in the next room.
    I think back onto those memories with a big smile.
    We were all always together, and we were always having fun.

    But Life changes, throws you a few curve balls and kids grow up.
    And although I dont spend my summers feasting on his delicious BBQ Salmon anymore,
    I still think of him and his family with the same fondness,
    and am so happy to see them all whenever I can.

    In that time between my childhood and becoming an adult, his family grew.
    The perfect example of an incredible blended family.
    All of them so connected, you would possibly find it hard to believe that they weren’t together since birth.
    I also love to see that they are still having fun,
    There may be more cute faces since my days in their backyard,
    but the heart of that family hasn’t changed, maybe it just got bigger.

    It was a pleasure to be able to photograph them,
    it was wonderful to be able to spend time with them,

    and I hope to see more of them soon!

    A few of my favourites, of the Brian, Wendy and all their amazing kids!