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  • Berkley | Fresh 48

  • If there were ever moments that are the most fleeting,
    It is those first 48 hours after birth.
    There is a mix of haze and wonder, and an overwhelming sense of love.
    Your moments are spent looking at your baby, touching her toes, her hair,
    laughing every time she yawns or sneezes,
    and in complete awe of her every time she opens her eyes to look at you.
    You are also navigating breastfeeding, recovery from birth and postpartum

    All of this happening in one room…in one day.

    When I arrived to meet Berkley,
    her grandparents were there.
    ‘first time’ grandparents, my favourite kind.

    After a few photos with their granddaughter they stepped out to let me photograph the new family together.

    Mallory & Ben share the same sense of humour as I do
    and so while there was a lot of snuggling going on,
    there was also a lot of laughter.
    something Im almost certain is a common occurrence in their home.

    Welcome sweet ‘Rainbow Baby’ Berkley
    you are so incredibly beautiful,
    and so incredibly lucky to have so many people around you
    that love you so.

    It was an honour to meet you
    and photograph your beginnings in this world