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  • Jasmin | Celebrating Graduation

  • My earliest memories of Jasmin are of her as a young girl, maybe 4 or 5.
    Her big round brown eyes and adorable giggle, were hard to resist (still are)
    At every family function, she wore a beautiful dress, no matter what the occasion.
    Even now when I think back on her a big smile comes to my face.
    It seems like it really was just yesterday.

    She is a favourite in our home.
    She babysits our children as often as she can, and they look forward to seeing her
    and often talk about her for days after she been here.
    I love those moments when I get to connect with her.
    On the way home we talk about her life.
    School, swimming, friends….
    and the hard things in her life.
    The stuff she has had to overcome & work through, to become who she is today.
    She amazes me.
    Her maturity, kindness and strength
    is something I can only hope for in my daughter one day.

    On this particular evening we got to celebrate her.
    I was happy to do it.
    Because everyone deserves that moment.
    Especially her.
    We met at my favourite spot, during the ‘blue hour’
    she was beautifully dressed in a gown she designed and made all on her own.
    She was perfection.
    Beside her, Autumn, her sister.
    I love that she chose her to help her celebrate these moments.

    What an honour it was for me to be able to photograph her and leave her with something amazing to remember this time in her life.
    Already she is off on amazing adventures and I cant wait to see what comes next

    I love you Jazzy

    ~Aunty Ash