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  • Ty | Herbal Bath

  • Julia had asked me to come over to her home during those first few postpartum weeks,
    by celebrating with a Herbal Bath session with her and Ty.

    Herbal baths are both healing and calming for a new mom and babe
    and although sweet Ty took a little bit of coaxing
    and a lot of snuggling before he wanted to enjoy his.

    Julia now tells me the bath is one of his favourite places after our time together.

    What I love most about the session is its a very real glimpse into those first weeks of motherhood.
    A beautiful brand new baby against a soft postpartum belly is one of my favourite things in this world.
    Something meant to be celebrated and honoured.
    And for the first half of our session, that is where Ty felt the most safe.
    Right close to his mom.
    Skin to Skin.

    I am so thankful to Julia and sweet Ty for entrusting me to Document this time for them.

    A wonderful Start to Motherhood,
    Here are some of my favourites