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  • Welcome Trevor! A Birth Story

  • Trevor is one lucky little Man.
    He came into this world, quickly, in the wee hours of the morning.
    Born in his own home, he was welcomed into the arms of his amazing mom and dad, and his two big sisters.
    Never before I have I seen such love, caring  and gentle souls as those two girls.
    My eyes still well with tears when I think about them.
    Their kind voices, asking questions and telling him how much they love him, only moments after he was born.
    What an amazing memory for all of them.
    Little Trevor Completes this beautiful family of five
    I was honoured to be there to captured and witness his first moments into this world.

    Trevor Eli Erickson
    May18th 2014
    10lbs 3oz


    Watch the Birth Story of Trevor Here: