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  • Ty | Fresh 48

  • This is a special story.

    I arrived at the hospital 16 hours after Ty was born.
    I came in quietly and found Julia and her sweet baby on the bed.
    Tired, exhausted and in love.
    I put my bag down and got out my camera,
    and stepped to the far end of the room to begin photographing them.

    Behind me, a soft knock on the door…
    they weren’t expecting anyone?

    In comes a woman, accompanied by a chauffeur.
    Julia says “Mom?”

    I stepped back and let them enter the room.
    You could feel the weight of the emotion
    and immediately my eyes welled with tears.
    You see, Julias mom is not well, and lives in a care home
    not far from the hospital where her first grandchild was born.

    During Julias long labour, she was receiving updates over the phone.
    But worried and wanting to see her daughter,
    she took it upon herself to get to the hospital.

    Something out of character for the new gramma.

    The arrival was a complete surprise to everyone, especially Julia.
    I cant believe I was there right at that moment.
    I am so happy I was.
    One of the best moments of my time as a photographer.

    When they said there good byes, it was just Julia, Ty and I left in the room.

    She kept saying “I cant believe he’s mine”

    These first few hours are my favourite to document.
    I remember those first few hours into my own journey as a mother
    like it was yesterday.

    I cant wait to see where Tys’ journey takes him
    with an amazing mom like Julia by his side.

    I am honoured that I was able to be there to see the start of it.

    Grab a tissue,
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