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  • Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project | 2015

  • This Year I was honoured to be part of the Public BreastFeeding Awareness Project yet again!
    What an amazing group of Photographers this year!
    Just over 70 Worldwide, all standing together to help Normalize woman Breastfeeding in Public.
    ‘Cause it’s Normal Right!
    This year the Project Attracted more media attention with Features on the Huffington Post and The Daily Mail. 
    Here I have shared a few of my Personal Favourites.
    I was able to work with 10 wonderful Mother and their Babies.
    Each of their reasons unique in wanting to be part of the project.
    Im so glad they did

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    “I knew when I was pregnant with my 2nd child I would try my hardest to breastfeed. Unfortunately with my first. I was unable to due to my body not producing milk. When my daughter, Aurelia, was born I worked so hard to produce milk but came across the same problem as my first. Luckily with some help from my midwife, and much dedication, I am able to produce enough just to feed her in the mornings and/or night. Two feedings. That’s all I get, but I treasure that amazing bonding time between us”
    -Sani (Mom of 2)

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    “I am raising 3 boys, who will be 3 men, 3 husbands and hopefully 3 fathers one day. I have always been very open and honest with them about female function surrounding birth and breastfeeding, therefore they are not phased by any of it.
    My hope for them is that they will never bat an eye at a breast feeding mother, anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
    As fathers they will have the understanding that breastfeeding can be done everywhere, as children they don’t understand why only Noah gets a snack in the pool.”
    -Haley (Mom of 3)

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    “I never fully understood when mothers would explain breastfeeding as one of the most beautiful bonding moments you have between yourself and your baby until we had Elena. She is a few days shy of 6 months now and I am still blessed enough to be able to breastfeed her. By both the ability to give her life through my body and that few minutes of peace and quiet with just her and I, regardless of the time and place, it is the most incredibly fulfilling phase in our lives I will cherish forever. ”
    – Ashley

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    “Public Breastfeeding was a no brainer for me. Of course no matter where I am, Im going to feed my baby if she’s hungry.
    I consider it a moral obligation of my generation to quit behaving as though things that are perfectly natural and right, are unnatural and wrong.
    Just because other people feel uncomfortable, does not mean that we should feel uncomfortable.Our bodies were meant to create and nourish our babies and we shouldn’t have to hide behind closed doors to do so.We are gifting our Children with love, comfort and nourishment and thats something to be proud of, not ashamed”

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    “When I travelled to Africa a few years back, the women breastfed in the most natural way. I remember watching a Mother tandem nurse her toddler and 3 month old baby out front a schoolhouse. This mother was confidently feeding her babes at the same time with no stares or second glances from anyone. It really seemed like the most normal thing to do, and because everyone else thought so too I never thought twice about it.
    I wasn’t a Mother at the time but remember thinking what a beautiful bonding experience between her children and herself.
    I knew if I had the opportunity to breastfeed after having my babes I most certainly would. I want every Mother who has the opportunity to breastfeed to feel comfortable and confident to do so whereever is necessary. I am proud to be apart of World Breastfeeding Week that works towards the bigger goal of normalizing breastfeeding”
    -Marnie (Mom of 2)

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    “A woman’s body goes through the most amazing and natural processes. First, we create life and give birth to one of our own, and then we sustain that life with food that we ourselves produce. I am so blessed to be able to breastfeed my children, both past and present, and feel so empowered as a woman to have the ability to nourish my child whenever, and wherever, the time arises.

    You will not find me holed up in some tiny bathroom stall, or hiding my son’s head under a blanket. I will not pump before I leave the house, or bring formula along in case he gets fussy. I WILL breastfeed my baby. I am respectful but will not be embarrassed. I can handle the rude looks and comments; I will use them to teach my daughter the importance of acceptance. I am just feeding my hungry child, yes, in public!”

    -Amanda (Mom of 2)

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    “There is this incredible feeling of purpose I get whenever I breastfeed my son, Cal; since the first frustrating attempts in the hospital and to this very day, when at 20 months old he is able to verbalize when he wants to breastfeed. It’s this incredible gift we give our children, and one that should be given freely, without the fear of criticism or judgement. Every time I see another woman breastfeeding in public it empowers me to continue doing the same.”

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