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  • Matt & Arianna | A Wedding Story

  • I remember when they started dating.
    I actually remember when I decided that he was the one for her.
    You see…you had to be really great.
    I mean…really great to be good enough for ‘our Arianna’
    She was not only our niece, but a big part of our lives as a nanny to our children.

    I guess you might say I became a bit protective over her…
    He won me over quickly.
    Maybe it was the way he just fit in,
    how he ‘wanted’ to come over to be with my kids…
    Or maybe, it was that I could see that he really loved her.
    He was completely hers.

    The day was perfect.
    I spent time behind the lens wiping tears away,
    as my sweet niece put on her dress,
    walked down the isle and married the man who adored her.

    I cried just as much editing these as I did on the day of the wedding.
    A day filled with love, laughter and music.
    There is nothing better.

    Thank you Arianna and Matt for allowing me to capture such an amazing day…

    Here are just a few moments that I thought you would love.

    Aunty Ash