What is birth photography?

Birth Photography is documenting the story of your labour, birth and those first moments with you and your baby.

Why hire a birth photographer?

Most people Hire a photographer for their wedding day because it is one of the most important days of your life.

You want all those moments captured you might have missed and also, something to look on in later years. So why wouldn’t you have the Journey of your child coming into this world and meeting you for the first time photographed? A day equally important.

Your Childs Birth Story is made up of moments. Moments often missed or never noticed. My job is to be there, silently capturing those moments and let you and your new family enjoy each other, without the responsibility of needing to take a photo. And this way…everyone is in the photo.

What if I don't want ‘everything’ photographed?

For some people, they want everything to be photographed. For others, very little. There are so many other things for me to focus on. The support between You and your Partner, your babys first breath, The moment they open their eyes and see you for the first time… Moments just as important as how they came into the world. I am more that happy to accommodate any comfort level.

How much interaction do you have with us?

Generally, I like to blend into the background. But am happy to add to the birth space as well.

Do you use a Flash?

At times, if there is no available light, yes I do. But I point my flash up at the ceiling or behind my shoulder, so it is never bothersome to you or your baby.

How long do you stay afterwards?

I will stay until all important things have been done… Baby has been weighed and measured, and things start to settle down. Then I’ll quietly slip out and let you enjoy your baby. Usually… I’m gone about and hour after birth.

Will we meet each other before the birth?

Of course! I like to schedule a meeting when you are 36 weeks. We can go over your birth plan and what you are expecting from me. Also, this gives us a chance to get to know one another.

When should I book?

To ensure availability book as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test! But you can book at anytime.

What area do you serve?

I live in Chemainus, BC. So I generally will go as far North as Nanimo and as far south as Victoria. I am willing to go anywhere as long as the birth allows and I am given enough notice to allow for travel time.

Should I let me Doctor or Mid Wife know I've hired a Birth Photographer?

Yes you should. And if they have any questions for me, they can call me or email me at any time.

When I go into labour when should I call you?

Right away! I like to have as much notice as possible. And be updated during the process. I would like to be there when you reach about 5 cm, or before transition or active labour begins. Texting me leading up to and during labour is best. Its a quick and easy way of keeping me informed.

What If I go into labour in the middle of the night?

I’ll be ready! You will receive a business card with all my contact numbers on it. I suggest putting it in your phone, and your partners phone right away.

What do you do if something is wrong with my baby?

I always like to ask this question beforehand. It’s your choice. I am ok to keep shooting if that is what you decide. If you decide you would like me to stop and or leave, I respect your wishes. I am open to doing NICU sessions at a later date.

What If I give birth Prematurely?

If you give birth before 38weeks. Call and I will try my best to get there. If I cannot attend the birth, the deposit will be used toward a Fresh 48 session.

What if you cannot make it to my birth?

As long as I am given enough notice (excepting any medical emergencies) then I should be getting there in enough time. If a circumstance should arise, that is not the fault of the client, that prevents me from making the birth, you have the choice of using the session fee towards another session of your choosing. If It is my fault I missed your birth (ie: you are unable to reach me) you are entitled to a FULL refund. No questions asked.

What If I'm having a scheduled C Section?

I need permission from your OB and the anesthesiologist. This has to be secured in advance. If I am there to photograph your birth and have not been given permission, you will not receive a refund. But I will photograph moments leading up to and moments afterwards. There are ways to tell the story without being in the room.

What If I have an Emergency C Section?

Emergencies do happen from time to time. Hopefully we would get lucky and I would be granted last minute permission.

When will I get my Photos?

Usually I will email (or Post on Facebook with your permission) a few sneak peeks within days of your birth. You will have your disc and slide show within 2-3 weeks.

Will my Photos be in Colour or Black and White?

Mostly Black and White. There are always a few Photos that I think Translate well in colour, but with ‘less than ideal’ lighting conditions of most births, black and white just processes better and also lends a more photojournalistic feel.

What is a “Fresh 48″ Session?

A Fresh 48 session can be booked anytime within 48 hours of birth. Im there to photograph all the precious interactions between you, your partner, your other children with baby. It also allows be to get up close and personal , quietly photographing all babies tiny parts, clean, fresh and new without the excitement of just being born.

This can be done in the hospital or in the comfort of your home. These are ‘Lifestyle’ Portraits and are meant to document and give a feel for those first few quiet days just after delivery.