John & Michelle | Wedding

When my wonderful friend Michelle met John we all knew it was forever.
I dont know why exactly. Just a feeling you get when you watch two people together…
Little things you notice, subtle things some might find insignificant,
spoke volumes to me and the people closest to them.
But mostly, this was the happiest I have ever seen my friend, since Ive know her.
And even to the untrained eye, it was hard not to notice.

Now Ive been photographing Michelle and Eliana for 4 years.
She has told me over and over that I would be there for every monumental occasion…
So when the call came in one day, with an idea…a thought, that her and John just maybe…
I told her I was there.
Whatever she needed, I was there and I was bringing my camera and my biggest smile.

John and Michelle eloped on a private West Coast Beach.
During the ceremony attended by only each of their Brothers and sweet Eliana,
the waves crashed behind us and the sun shone brightly.
Creating the perfect backdrop for a beautiful family about to embark on an exciting chapter.

I was honoured, totally honoured to have been there.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Surtees
And here is to a Lifetime full of surprises, love and lots of laughter.

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