Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project

It was a few months ago my Colleague Leilani Rogers, posted about starting a project called
“Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project”.
She wanted to involve other photographers from around the world, and was putting out a call to see if anyone was interested.
I was. And so I replied immediately and asked to be part of what she was working towards.
Her idea was simple and brilliant.
During “World Breastfeeding week” (August 1-7th) we were to show the world how beautiful Breastfeeding is, by showcasing woman feeding their babies out in public.
Trying to rid the idea that woman need to rush home to feed their babies, hide in their cars or resturant bathrooms.
Leilani said “The More people See it, the more normal it will become”
With over 50 Photographers, most from the USA but a few of us from Canada, New Zealand and Ireland…
I think the world has seen it!
The Photographs spread throughout social Media by using Hash tags like #worldbreastfeedingweek #PBAP2014 #thisisnormal and  #breastfeedinginreallife
It was picked up by Website and Blogs like The Huffington Post, Baby Centre, The Stir , Elite Daily and Redbook
Im very proud to say, Some of my Photographs have been Featured on each of these sites.
(Please click on them to view articles)

This was an amazing project.
I photographed 11 beautiful moms breastfeeding their babies in Duncan BC.
The Support I received from the businesses involved and the community was amazing.
Photographers , sharing, supporting and loving one anothers work, also so great to see.
And of course…the Moms! All supporting one another no matter how, when or why you choose to feed your baby.

**The Photographers of this Project have a ‘Blog Circle’ running to ensure you get to see everyones beautiful work. When you are done visiting me, please visit Kristin Jent Photography in Cincinnati Ohio**

Here is my Contributions to the “Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project”