What is it that holds a family together?
Is it Love…Commitment….Respect?
What happens when someone in your family gets sick?
When they loose themselves….
For a short time….Hannah, an integral part the McDonnell family, lost herself.
And what brought them back together?
The family pulls together and they have the strength to carry you, just until you are able to carry yourself.

And then no one is lost.

In an email from Hannahs mom, Tara, she writes to me about their story ;

“We could lose her at any moment, her body was shutting down. We dug our heels in, no way we were saying goodbye. I Told her that day I had the strength for both of us to fight. We could beat it, follow my lead until she had the strength to join and if she believed me to please take a sip of water. She took a sip! Then another, later another. I had to hold the cup but she sipped. 24/7 for days I was at her side. Sips turned to bites of food, then a snack and eventually meals”

Hannah has Suffered with Anorexia.

The day after this Photo shoot, the family celebrated her ‘Living Day’ they call it.
“They day she dug deep and found the strength to make the choice to fight to live!” says Tara
I couldnt think of anything better to celebrate.

The Supporting colour for ‘National Eating Disorder Awareness’ is Purple.
So on that day, they wore purple. Proudly.
And Celebrated life, and each other.

Thank you McDonnell family for allowing me to capture such an amazing celebration.

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