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  • Eowyn | Motherhood Session

  • Documenting Motherhood, at any stage, is a passion of mine.
    As a photographer, Kandyce shares that passion with me.
    and as mother of three herself, she knows all too well how quickly time passes.
    So when she asked me to come and document her time with her third sweet babe,
    I jumped at the opportunity.
    Kandyce offers her families these gorgeous ‘Milk Bath’ sessions, and asked if I would do one for her.
    So after we spent some time snuggling the ‘men’ in her life, it was just us girls.
    Eowyn stole my heart to say the least,
    and I was grateful in between shots to sneak in a few snuggles myself.
    Kandyce bravely opened herself up
    and allowed me to photograph intimate and sacred moments
    between her and her daughter,
    in the most beautiful way.
    I was truly honoured.

    Thank you Kandyce.

  • Brittany & Ian | Lifestyle Maternity

  • Ive been really excited to finally meet Brittany and Ian.
    We have many mutual friends and grew up in the same area,
    but until now, have never crossed paths!
    Exceeding all of my expectations for how wonderful they are,
    I fell in love with their carefree nature and excitement
    for the journey they are about the embark on.

    Their Maternity session was taken beside the sea they love,
    spending most of their free time aboard their sailboat,
    it seemed most fitting and completely prefect.

    While we wait on the call that a baby is on its way…
    a few of my favourites from our session!

  • A Morning with Theo | Documentary Family

  • Meet Theo.
    Actually….fall in love with Theo.
    I sure did.
    It was about this time last year that I visited their home.
    There was a long awaited baby in her belly
    and I spent my time with them
    documenting them together, before they became parents.
    How excited was I to get an email inviting me to come back!
    This time..to photograph a happy, smiling gorgeous little boy.

    This session brings such a huge smile to my face.
    It encompasses for me every inch of the love a parent has for their child.
    Little Theo is thriving in the love that surrounds him,
    that is clear to see.
    One of the most amazing things to witness and even more to be able to capture it,
    here are some of my very favourite images of my
    morning with Theo.

  • Stephanie | Lifestyle Maternity

  • I met Stephanie, Ryan and little Hannah at the Ocean side.
    The family had just settled in after a cross country move from Saskatchewan.
    Even just the thought of having her maternity photos near the ocean
    was so exciting for all of them.
    Hannah spent most of her time throwing rocks into water,
    as toddler do.
    In just a short while, she will become a big sister,
    and I get to go visit the family in their new home once they get settled in.

    I have loved getting to know them,
    and look forward to many more of our sessions together
    as they navigate parenthood with two beautiful girls and
    the wonderful ‘island life’.

  • Rosie | Lifestyle Newborn

  • When shooting, editing and blogging this adorable newborn session,
    Im fairly certain that a smile never left my face.
    This family is as sweet and funny as they are adorable,
    and if I didn’t have to go home to my own kids,
    I could have just as happily moved myself in for the week
    to share in the laugher, toddler conversations and baby snuggles.

    Little Rosie is about the sweetest thing you ever did see.
    Her easy going nature and big bright eyes fit right in here.

    I was so happy and honoured to come over to celebrate her arrival.

    So incredibly hard to choose favourites…
    So prepare for an over share 😉

  • Nash | Lifestyle Newborn

  • When I walk into a home of a family that has just had a new baby,
    the story I try and capture is about, not only that baby,
    but everyone in the household.
    Their story and how they are connected,
    is just as important to me.
    And that wee Baby is in the very centre of a wonderful story.

    This is especially true in homes where there is an older sibling.

    Parker has just become a big brother.
    His world is all dinosaurs and Thomas the Train,
    and now…little Nash is there too.

    The sudden bursts of interaction, the little bits of frustration,
    the juggle, the boundaries…
    the Love.
    All a part of it.
    Those are the things I love to see.
    They dont last long, soon the boys will be playing trains together,
    so its this fleeting moment in time we like to hang onto.

    This is the Anderson Family.
    Now a Beautiful Family of Four,
    and Welcoming a sweet little baby boy, called Nash.

    Here are a few favourites of my time with them…..

  • Nora | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Celebrating and Welcoming sweet babies into the world
    is what brings me the most joy.
    I love walking into the home that has heard her first cry,
    will see her first steps, and the door she will be heading out to kindergarten from.
    Sweet, sweet Nora has been blessed with the most wonderful beginning.
    I am so happy and honoured that I was able to photograph a glimpse into that.

    Ever so hard to even begin to pick favourites from this session,
    I had to try…

    These were the ones that made my heart swell.

    Welcome to the world Darling Nora

  • Berkley | Fresh 48

  • If there were ever moments that are the most fleeting,
    It is those first 48 hours after birth.
    There is a mix of haze and wonder, and an overwhelming sense of love.
    Your moments are spent looking at your baby, touching her toes, her hair,
    laughing every time she yawns or sneezes,
    and in complete awe of her every time she opens her eyes to look at you.
    You are also navigating breastfeeding, recovery from birth and postpartum

    All of this happening in one room…in one day.

    When I arrived to meet Berkley,
    her grandparents were there.
    ‘first time’ grandparents, my favourite kind.

    After a few photos with their granddaughter they stepped out to let me photograph the new family together.

    Mallory & Ben share the same sense of humour as I do
    and so while there was a lot of snuggling going on,
    there was also a lot of laughter.
    something Im almost certain is a common occurrence in their home.

    Welcome sweet ‘Rainbow Baby’ Berkley
    you are so incredibly beautiful,
    and so incredibly lucky to have so many people around you
    that love you so.

    It was an honour to meet you
    and photograph your beginnings in this world


  • Ty | Fresh 48

  • This is a special story.

    I arrived at the hospital 16 hours after Ty was born.
    I came in quietly and found Julia and her sweet baby on the bed.
    Tired, exhausted and in love.
    I put my bag down and got out my camera,
    and stepped to the far end of the room to begin photographing them.

    Behind me, a soft knock on the door…
    they weren’t expecting anyone?

    In comes a woman, accompanied by a chauffeur.
    Julia says “Mom?”

    I stepped back and let them enter the room.
    You could feel the weight of the emotion
    and immediately my eyes welled with tears.
    You see, Julias mom is not well, and lives in a care home
    not far from the hospital where her first grandchild was born.

    During Julias long labour, she was receiving updates over the phone.
    But worried and wanting to see her daughter,
    she took it upon herself to get to the hospital.

    Something out of character for the new gramma.

    The arrival was a complete surprise to everyone, especially Julia.
    I cant believe I was there right at that moment.
    I am so happy I was.
    One of the best moments of my time as a photographer.

    When they said there good byes, it was just Julia, Ty and I left in the room.

    She kept saying “I cant believe he’s mine”

    These first few hours are my favourite to document.
    I remember those first few hours into my own journey as a mother
    like it was yesterday.

    I cant wait to see where Tys’ journey takes him
    with an amazing mom like Julia by his side.

    I am honoured that I was able to be there to see the start of it.

    Grab a tissue,
    here are some of my very favourites from their ‘Fresh 48’ session …

  • Judah | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Some of my most favourite photographs Ive ever taken have been with this wonderful family.
    Lauras maternity photo and Evas newborn photo
    graced the cover of my website for years.
    So I am fond of them to say the least.

    Time passes much to quickly
    and that beautiful newborn girl I photographed on her parents bed
    is now a Big Sister!
    Judah was welcomed into this world 6 weeks ago.
    The perfect and sweetest edition to this wonderful family.
    My time with them was easy, carefree and effortless,
    I love spending time with them and capturing them as they are.

    Welcome Sweet Judah!
    What a wonderful family you’ve got there 😉

    Here are some of my favourites!

  • Luca Grace | Lifestyle Newborn

  • I first met Ashley, Jeff and Caris a little over a year ago,
    When I was hired to photograph their Elopement on a beach in Parksville.
    I was an amazing night and I find myself often missing the family,
    wishing I could spend more time with them.
    So when they contacted me again for another celebration, I was over the moon!
    This time we were celebrating the arrival of their second baby girl, Luca Grace.
    I arrived at their quaint, wonderfully decorated home and find two little girls inside.
    Caris was still as adorable as she was a year ago and Luca, oh Luca, how beautiful you are!
    I love spending time with Ashley and Jeff, like visiting old friends and have to remember that I am there to work 😉
    Hardly feels like work with this family.
    Im already looking forward to the next time I get to see them.

    Welcome Luca Grace to your wonderful family,
    you are a lucky girl 🙂

  • Emerson | Maternity Life Session

  • I first met and photographed Tiffany and Sonny in a similar situation….
    They were pregnant with their first son, Cruz
    Since then, I have photographed their whole family numerous times and they have quickly become one of my favourites.
    This time I came to their home early Sunday morning to catch them, as they are, before they went to church.
    This is one of my favourite times to capture.
    Toddlers with endless energy, beautiful nursery waiting for a sweet baby and nervous excitement fills the air.
    They are in a time of change.
    And I am so happy I got to freeze these moments for them,
    soon a new baby boy, will make them a family of four.