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  • The Tromp Family | Ashley Marston Photography

  • Over 4 years I have watched this beautiful family grow.
    I started photographing Yui and Mike the day they got married,
    and now, here we are, two beautiful children later.
    Every time I photograph them I enjoy our visit.
    I love getting to see the kids grow and I ‘think’ Rebecca may be warming up to me 😉
    How lucky am I to be the one to capture them year after year.

    I know these photographs will make their way to Japan,
    and so I hope that her family enjoys seeing the beautiful love filled life
    that she has here in Canada.

    Here are some of my favourite of the Tromp Family!

  • The Worrall Family

  • Ive been close to Aylas’ Story from the day she was born.
    Not only have I been friends with her mom for 15 years,
    But each year I have documented her life with the people she loves.
    A wonderful circle of people that love, care for and nurture her
    as she navigates life with cerebral palsy.

    What I love most about Ayla is her tenacity. That, she gets from her mom.
    Her cheekiness comes from her dad
    and her wonderful heart comes from the outpouring of love and patience
    that comes her way both in her home and every where she goes,
    and from everyone she meets.
    Because her smile and personality is infectious, and as my son Tate says
    “Everybody Loves Ayla”

    ….and he’s right.

  • Jordie, Bryna & Finley | Maternity & Lifestyle Newborn

  • I met Bryna and Jordie right before Christmas.
    They were expecting their first baby in the New Year and had me over to their home to photograph them
    and meet the other members of the family as well.
    With two big, friendly dogs and one cat, the home as already bursting with energy and love
    But there is always room for more.

    On January 9th, Finley Reid Aubrey Sattich was born.
    I came to meet him a few weeks later when they were all settled in at home.
    He is perfect.
    And he fits in just right with mom, dad and all his ‘four legged’ friends

    Welcome Finley,
    how wonderful it was to meet you.

  • Renae and Nigel | Maternity

  • If you haven’t heard, Im going to be an Aunty.
    An AUNTY!
    A sweet little boy is going to join our family in the New Year.
    I cannot be more excited.
    My Beautiful Sister Renae and her partner Nigel spend the better part of their year in Nicaragua
    and then the rest in interior BC.
    So its only once a year or so that I get to see them.
    This past month, they decided to come for a visit, pre baby.
    I got to spend some time connecting with them and making sure that baby knows my voice 😉
    We also got to take some photos.
    We were graced with some classic “Vancouver Island’ rain, but that didn’t stop us!

    In January, Ill be catching a plane as fast as I can to photograph this little mans’ entrance into the world,
    The next time I see my sister, she will be becoming a mother for the first time.
    January can’t come soon enough.

    Here are some of my favourites of our morning in the rain.
    Until next time sweet baby!

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  • Kathy and Court

  • I am a girl who is lucky enough to have a BIG family.
    I think of it as a very large circle.
    The people in this circle are not limited to those who share my blood,
    The circle is full of people who love me, and my family, and support us.

    I am lucky to have Kathy and Court as part of my circle, as part of my family.

    What an honour it was to photograph them.
    These photographs tell their story.
    Its not hard to see how much they love one another.

    In 2013 Court was put on the Lung Transplant list.
    After years of serious health conditions and not knowing how much time he had left,
    this was a beacon of hope.
    The Transplant Journey can be a long one, and for Court it was.
    Almost ready to loose hope, at 27 months after being placed on the list, he finally received his lung.
    A new chance at Life. Amazing.
    Kathy says “We used to go on trips to cross them off the bucket list,
    now we are planning trips because we want to experience life as we never have before”

    They both advocate strongly for Organ Donation.
    It saves lives.
    It saved Court.

    If you haven’t registered, please do today.

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  • The Licastros

  • I feel very fortunate that my friends ask me to photograph their families.
    For some, I have been taking pictures of them for so long, it feels as though I’m on a journey with them.

    Kathy was my very first ‘official’ client…ever.
    Back in the days when I was using my film camera and I believe I only charged her the cost of film and developing.
    Seems like forever ago we were in the very same river and she had her daughter, Presley, in her Belly.
    Since then I’ve Photographed her Pregnant with her son, I was there just after he was born and then last year, Her wedding.
    Like I said…A Journey. A Really Wonderful One.

    This shoot was like the ones Ive shot before with them.
    Fun and Easy. Full of Love, with a lil’ Sarcasm and Laughter on the side.
    With this family I seem to always come away with some of my favourite photos.
    It was hard to pick….Im not kidding, I could have shown you the whole set,
    But I settled on my top 40…Enjoy!

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  • Kayla

  • I first met Kayla when she was just a little.
    This Soft Spoken girl with Big Round eyes and Beautiful Dark Hair
    When I stepped into her home the day of her Prom, I was blown away.
    There she was, grown up!
    Goodness, so Beautiful!
    I still saw much of that little girl peeking out at me during our shoot, but I also saw much, much more.

    Thank you Kayla and Tammy for trusting me to capture her on such an important day.
    And I think we can all agree that the camera just loves her 🙂

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