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  • Morning with the Eastman Family | Documentary Session

  • Heather wanted something authentic to them.
    And so I suggested that I come over, and just spend the morning with them.
    She told me I could come in my PJ’s, that they would all still be in theirs.

    How wonderful.

    There is a certain sense of vulnerability with these kinds of sessions.
    And even she didn’t really know what this would look like.
    I knew…because I can see it as its happening.
    In showing her and Kory the sneak peeks from our session a few days later
    she told me that they were perfect.
    That they made her fall in love with her boys all over again.
    Can’t say that I blame her,
    the boys, all of  them, including Kory…are wonderful.
    And capturing their sweet personalities
    in the home that the love and are growing up in,
    was a dream.

    One day, when she is gone, her family will have theses images,
    tangible memories of her as a mother, them together as a family
    and a little window into how blessed they are.
    Totally ordinary moments, filled with love and adventure.

    The moments of our everyday become the map of who we are.
    To me they are the most important things to document.
    And what we treasure most in our hearts.

    I hope you enjoy my morning with the Eastman Family.
    I sure did.
    And I cant wait to come back again next year.

  • The Bates Family | Lifestyle Family

  • I met the completely adorable Bates Family at one of my favourite local spots.
    As Felina said, the walkway would be perfect for containing
    ‘active’ toddlers and the bird sighting are always a great distraction.
    The beautiful, rich fall colours and textures surrounding us
    were the perfect backdrop against this beautiful, fun family.
    Oscar and Leila were perfect,
    tolerating me, my camera and my antics during nap and snack times
    which is asking a lot from such sweet little people.
    (and big people too! lol)

    It was hard to narrow down some favourites,
    I loved them all,
    But here are some that pulled at my heart.

  • Stephanie | Lifestyle Maternity

  • I met Stephanie, Ryan and little Hannah at the Ocean side.
    The family had just settled in after a cross country move from Saskatchewan.
    Even just the thought of having her maternity photos near the ocean
    was so exciting for all of them.
    Hannah spent most of her time throwing rocks into water,
    as toddler do.
    In just a short while, she will become a big sister,
    and I get to go visit the family in their new home once they get settled in.

    I have loved getting to know them,
    and look forward to many more of our sessions together
    as they navigate parenthood with two beautiful girls and
    the wonderful ‘island life’.

  • The Tromp Family | Ashley Marston Photography

  • Over 4 years I have watched this beautiful family grow.
    I started photographing Yui and Mike the day they got married,
    and now, here we are, two beautiful children later.
    Every time I photograph them I enjoy our visit.
    I love getting to see the kids grow and I ‘think’ Rebecca may be warming up to me 😉
    How lucky am I to be the one to capture them year after year.

    I know these photographs will make their way to Japan,
    and so I hope that her family enjoys seeing the beautiful love filled life
    that she has here in Canada.

    Here are some of my favourite of the Tromp Family!

  • Nash | Lifestyle Newborn

  • When I walk into a home of a family that has just had a new baby,
    the story I try and capture is about, not only that baby,
    but everyone in the household.
    Their story and how they are connected,
    is just as important to me.
    And that wee Baby is in the very centre of a wonderful story.

    This is especially true in homes where there is an older sibling.

    Parker has just become a big brother.
    His world is all dinosaurs and Thomas the Train,
    and now…little Nash is there too.

    The sudden bursts of interaction, the little bits of frustration,
    the juggle, the boundaries…
    the Love.
    All a part of it.
    Those are the things I love to see.
    They dont last long, soon the boys will be playing trains together,
    so its this fleeting moment in time we like to hang onto.

    This is the Anderson Family.
    Now a Beautiful Family of Four,
    and Welcoming a sweet little baby boy, called Nash.

    Here are a few favourites of my time with them…..

  • Matt & Arianna | A Wedding Story

  • I remember when they started dating.
    I actually remember when I decided that he was the one for her.
    You see…you had to be really great.
    I mean…really great to be good enough for ‘our Arianna’
    She was not only our niece, but a big part of our lives as a nanny to our children.

    I guess you might say I became a bit protective over her…
    He won me over quickly.
    Maybe it was the way he just fit in,
    how he ‘wanted’ to come over to be with my kids…
    Or maybe, it was that I could see that he really loved her.
    He was completely hers.

    The day was perfect.
    I spent time behind the lens wiping tears away,
    as my sweet niece put on her dress,
    walked down the isle and married the man who adored her.

    I cried just as much editing these as I did on the day of the wedding.
    A day filled with love, laughter and music.
    There is nothing better.

    Thank you Arianna and Matt for allowing me to capture such an amazing day…

    Here are just a few moments that I thought you would love.

    Aunty Ash

  • Little John | Lifestyle Newborn

  • It was probably in my first few emails with Lee that I knew she was my ‘people’
    I met her and John face to face at our meeting for Birth Photography.

    As I was chatting with them about their experience so far
    and if they had any concerns and questions for me..
    A tiny little blue eye’d girl came up and curled up into my lap.

    It didn’t phase me.

    I often joke that children and animals love me because I smell like cookies and ‘fishy crackers’
    Apparently though, this was completely out of character for their sweet 4 year old daughter, Max.

    The entire meeting she sat on my lap.
    Held my hands, hugged me, played with my hair…

    So I think in that moment I was ‘in’
    They were not getting rid of me anytime soon,
    and I had officially had my heart stolen.

    The coming weeks would bring the arrival of Little John.
    He was born at home, in his living room,
    as the stunning early summer sunshine shone through their windows.
    I was there, and fell in love with little Max, Lee and her family all over again.

    Upon the homecoming of musician dad, John, I was invited back again.
    This time to capture them all together as a family of 5,
    including big sister Acacia
    who happen to come home juuuuuust in time for a few family shots 😉

    The end of my time with them was spent with their dog Jake.
    Knowing that he is on ‘borrowed time’,
    Lee asked me to take a few portraits of him while she nursed little John off to sleep.
    And I was happy to do it.

    Thank you Webster/Kelly Family,
    for inviting me into your lives.

    The best part is that Ive made a few new friends, big and small 🙂

  • Mr & Mrs Ward

  • I remember, very clearly, the day she emailed me to tell me that she was pregnant.
    I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.
    Newly in this relationship and what felt like the world stacked against them, my first thought was,
    “Everything happens for a reason”
    That reason became clear to me the night I was with them in the delivery room.
    Their connection and love was undeniable.
    It was beautiful to watch and a wonderful way to bring a blessing into this world.
    I came away from it knowing that they were brought together for all the right reasons.
    The day they got engaged she connected me, on his recommendation.
    How incredibly happy does that make me that I have been there to celebrate all these incredible moments with them.

    I cried almost as many times on this day as I did the day that Brody was born.
    At one point I looked at her mom and said
    “Why is it every time I see you we’re crying!”

    Because, these happy tears come from the most wonderful of places.
    When you know in your heart of hearts that something is so right,
    so incredibly right, it brings you to tears.

    These two, bring me to tears.

    Lastly, after my very last frame of the night,
    A photo of them coming up off the dock,
    the sound of the wedding party going off in the distance, the lights of the lodge glowing on the water,
    Sarah said to Dave quietly behind me …
    “We’re making our dreams come true”
    I smiled. How perfect.

    Sarah and Dave, thank you.
    From the bottom of my heart.
    What an honour to photograph your journey.

    Dave & Sarah Ward
    Painters Lodge
    Campbell River, BC

  • Elora | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Linda and Jason were some of my first clients, ever.
    In the 5 years Ive known them, I have been there for some very special moments.
    So when she told me she was expecting again and wanted me to come to the home
    to welcome the final member to the Moir family,
    I was thrilled.
    Any chance I get to reconnect with wonderful clients like them AND snuggle a baby…Im there!

    Sweet, little Elora is completely loved by two older sisters (and a couple of patient wonderful dogs)
    and dad, now surrounded by beautiful girls.
    Linda takes to motherhood effortlessly and beautifully and I loved being able to capture that again.

    Welcome to the world Elora.
    What a wonderful family you have picked!

  • The Blackburn Family | Lifestyle Family Portraits

  • When I asked Ellisha where she wanted to meet for their family session,
    she said “Come to our home”
    The Documentarian in me jumped for joy because nothing makes me happier
    than photographing families in their ‘natural habitat’
    The Blackburns live in a little slice of paradise, tucked away and un noticed by those in the Cowichan Valley.
    But when I entered the home and walked through to the backyard I was in love.
    How incredibly lucky their two adorable, kind and friendly children are.
    The whole family are avid horticulturists,
    and so I spend part of my time with them exploring the back property
    and the native plants they are wanting to protect and keep flourishing.
    The whole picture, ever inch of them and their home was perfect
    as the sun set on us and I left them in laughter and ready to go in for dinner.

    Thank you Blackburns for inviting me into your life for an evening,
    I could hardly wipe the smile off my face working on these
    How incredibly Blessed you are.

  • Atira | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Sweet Little Atira came into this world just a wee bit earlier than anyone expected.

    The night that her mother, strong and fiercely gave birth to her, I was there.

    The family spent 2 weeks in the NICU making sure she was getting everything she needed
    before coming home, and calling me to come and snuggle her, and maybe photograph her as well 😉

    Shannon and Scott have settled in just perfectly with their two gorgeous girls
    and Isis greeted her sister when coming home from school with undeniable love and affection.

    When I asked her what her favourite part was about being a big sister,
    she looked up at me, holding her baby sister, and said “Everything”
    I said, “You have been waiting for this a long time haven’t you”
    “Yes I have” she said.

    Welcome to the World sweet Atira.

    What a lucky girl you are with such a wonderful family and an incredible Big Sister.

  • Isis & Family | Lifestyle Family

  • Before I get into how great this family is,
    Let me tell you a funny little story….

    Over the holidays, my son Tate had been attending Gymnastic camp.
    At the end of the day, I asked him what his favourite part of it was
    and he told me about this girl named Isis.
    How she was his new friend and she had asked him to marry her.
    All week long, were stories of this adventurous ‘Isis’

    When I arrive at the Waters home, a bouncing little naked girl greets me on the other side of the door,
    and her mom says “Isis come and get dressed!”
    So I say to her as she is slipping on her glittery nylons..
    “Isis, do you go to Gymnastics camp?”
    “Oh YES! Yes I do!” She says excitedly.
    And I say “Well, you know what my sons name is?

    Oh you should have seen the look on her face!
    “We’re getting Married!” She says

    And so was the start of our beautiful friendship, Isis and I,
    Who knows, one day I may be her Mother in Law 😉

    The Waters family was nothing short of amazing.
    In February they will welcome their second child,
    and I am extremely excited to be there for that and see Isis become a Big Sister.
    Included in our morning were her grandparents, which is always a special treat,
    and something I encourage and love to photography.
    After we were cozy in their home, we walked out into the backyard for a few in the snow before it melted away.

    Here are a few of my favourites from my morning,
    with Isis and her wonderful family.

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