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  • Stephanie | Lifestyle Maternity

  • I met Stephanie, Ryan and little Hannah at the Ocean side.
    The family had just settled in after a cross country move from Saskatchewan.
    Even just the thought of having her maternity photos near the ocean
    was so exciting for all of them.
    Hannah spent most of her time throwing rocks into water,
    as toddler do.
    In just a short while, she will become a big sister,
    and I get to go visit the family in their new home once they get settled in.

    I have loved getting to know them,
    and look forward to many more of our sessions together
    as they navigate parenthood with two beautiful girls and
    the wonderful ‘island life’.

  • The Worrall Family

  • Ive been close to Aylas’ Story from the day she was born.
    Not only have I been friends with her mom for 15 years,
    But each year I have documented her life with the people she loves.
    A wonderful circle of people that love, care for and nurture her
    as she navigates life with cerebral palsy.

    What I love most about Ayla is her tenacity. That, she gets from her mom.
    Her cheekiness comes from her dad
    and her wonderful heart comes from the outpouring of love and patience
    that comes her way both in her home and every where she goes,
    and from everyone she meets.
    Because her smile and personality is infectious, and as my son Tate says
    “Everybody Loves Ayla”

    ….and he’s right.

  • Nash | Lifestyle Newborn

  • When I walk into a home of a family that has just had a new baby,
    the story I try and capture is about, not only that baby,
    but everyone in the household.
    Their story and how they are connected,
    is just as important to me.
    And that wee Baby is in the very centre of a wonderful story.

    This is especially true in homes where there is an older sibling.

    Parker has just become a big brother.
    His world is all dinosaurs and Thomas the Train,
    and now…little Nash is there too.

    The sudden bursts of interaction, the little bits of frustration,
    the juggle, the boundaries…
    the Love.
    All a part of it.
    Those are the things I love to see.
    They dont last long, soon the boys will be playing trains together,
    so its this fleeting moment in time we like to hang onto.

    This is the Anderson Family.
    Now a Beautiful Family of Four,
    and Welcoming a sweet little baby boy, called Nash.

    Here are a few favourites of my time with them…..

  • Berkley | Fresh 48

  • If there were ever moments that are the most fleeting,
    It is those first 48 hours after birth.
    There is a mix of haze and wonder, and an overwhelming sense of love.
    Your moments are spent looking at your baby, touching her toes, her hair,
    laughing every time she yawns or sneezes,
    and in complete awe of her every time she opens her eyes to look at you.
    You are also navigating breastfeeding, recovery from birth and postpartum

    All of this happening in one room…in one day.

    When I arrived to meet Berkley,
    her grandparents were there.
    ‘first time’ grandparents, my favourite kind.

    After a few photos with their granddaughter they stepped out to let me photograph the new family together.

    Mallory & Ben share the same sense of humour as I do
    and so while there was a lot of snuggling going on,
    there was also a lot of laughter.
    something Im almost certain is a common occurrence in their home.

    Welcome sweet ‘Rainbow Baby’ Berkley
    you are so incredibly beautiful,
    and so incredibly lucky to have so many people around you
    that love you so.

    It was an honour to meet you
    and photograph your beginnings in this world


  • Patrick and Krystal | A Wedding Story

  • Ive known for a couple of years that Krystal and Pat were going to get married.
    It was really a matter of how and when.

    She told me in the very beginning that she wanted me there,
    and well…that just brings tears to my eyes.
    I loved that I got a message the day they got engaged,
    I loved that I was part of the planning,
    I love when I am in on all the secrets 😉

    One this was for certain from the very beginning,
    She wanted to make sure she honoured her father who is no longer with us.
    and she carried him in her heart all day.

    They had decided to have a simple ceremony at Pats parents GORGEOUS property.
    I met them before all their guests for a First Look
    and then we drove up to Pats Grammas home and property,
    a place that has special meaning for him.

    Our last stop before we headed to the ceremony was a little country road,
    a place Krystal strongly connected with after moving here.
    Then we made our way to the beautiful ceremony where their closets friends and family gathered.

    Pat and Krystal, thank you.
    What an amazing day with you two and
    I am honoured you have entrusted your memories with me.

    Pat & Krystal Rutti
    July 15th 2017
    Saltair, BC

  • Judah | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Some of my most favourite photographs Ive ever taken have been with this wonderful family.
    Lauras maternity photo and Evas newborn photo
    graced the cover of my website for years.
    So I am fond of them to say the least.

    Time passes much to quickly
    and that beautiful newborn girl I photographed on her parents bed
    is now a Big Sister!
    Judah was welcomed into this world 6 weeks ago.
    The perfect and sweetest edition to this wonderful family.
    My time with them was easy, carefree and effortless,
    I love spending time with them and capturing them as they are.

    Welcome Sweet Judah!
    What a wonderful family you’ve got there 😉

    Here are some of my favourites!

  • Axel | Lifestyle Newborn

  • There are some families I hold close to my heart.
    The Emersons are one of those families.
    And its not for the number of times Ive photographed them, or why I was there,
    But more for that I feel at home with them,
    that its more like visiting friends than ‘going to work’

    Luckily for me, they also happen to have some of the most adorable children,
    and they themselves….also adorable.

    So photographing them also comes easy…
    (Even though Cruz has me using all the tricks in my ‘photographers box of tricks’ 😉 )

    In this particular visit, we were welcoming and celebrating the arrival of Baby Axel.
    Another perfect and sweet boy for Tiff and Sonny.
    I enjoyed snuggling him as much as I enjoyed photographing him with his family,
    and in his perfectly decorated nursery.

    …Already looking forward till the next time I see them…

    Here are a few of my favourites!

  • The Craig Family

  • I just loved this little family.
    Norah and her ‘men’ met me at Blue Heron Park in Yellowpoint.
    One of my favourite spots to bring families.
    As usual it was perfectly wonderful, secluded and small
    with great areas for the boys to do a little bit of exploring and even get their feet wet!
    I loved the connection this family had and it was easy to capture it.
    Never really having a ‘family photographer’ before they didn’t know what to expect.
    But I think we got along just wonderfully!
    Kids, Families and love are kind of my jam…and we had plenty of the here 🙂

    Here are just a few of my favourites of the Craig Family!

  • The Rodgers Family

  • I like to keep things pretty casual.
    Lets kids just be themselves.
    This couldn’t be more true for the Rodgers family with their two boys.
    This age in particular, kids (especially boys) are not keen on getting their photo taken.
    So I let them take breaks, explore, pick up creepy things and then every so often come back to love their parents, how they want to.
    To me, thats what makes a session.
    And hopefully some great photos come out of, like the ones here.
    The boys didn’t hold back for me, and I loved capturing them.
    The session was filled with laughter, wet willies, fart jokes and the occasional mention of green boogers.
    I cant think of a better way to spend my saturday night.

    Here are some of my favourites of the Rodgers Family!

  • Emerson | Maternity Life Session

  • I first met and photographed Tiffany and Sonny in a similar situation….
    They were pregnant with their first son, Cruz
    Since then, I have photographed their whole family numerous times and they have quickly become one of my favourites.
    This time I came to their home early Sunday morning to catch them, as they are, before they went to church.
    This is one of my favourite times to capture.
    Toddlers with endless energy, beautiful nursery waiting for a sweet baby and nervous excitement fills the air.
    They are in a time of change.
    And I am so happy I got to freeze these moments for them,
    soon a new baby boy, will make them a family of four.

  • Sadie & Cohen

  • The Greatest Compliment I can receive is when a family emails me to say they want me to photograph them again.
    That means they liked me just as much as I liked them…haha
    Andrea and Kevin met me on one of favourites beaches on a cold spring day,
    colder than what we all thought it would be.
    So the kids kept their coats on and took lots of breaks playing in the sand.
    We had snacks and a little bit of fun, cold or not, it didn’t stop us.

    Here are just a few of my favourites to share with you!

  • Marley | Lifestyle Newborn

  • I feel like the biggest compliment I can receive
    is having a family invite me back into their home for a second time.
    It had been three years since I had last visited Michelle and Simon.
    Little Melody was only 2 weeks old then.
    And the photos I took that day, still remain to be some of my favourites.

    This time, I was there to welcome another little girl, Marley.

    When I walked through the door I was greeted by the first set of blue eyes, Simons.
    Then I squealed (literally) over this sweet babies soft head of amazing black hair!
    Then I was greeted by a second set of blue eyes, Michelles’.
    And then finally, Melodys’ baby blues, who was shy at first,
    but it didn’t take long to be invited into her tent for tea.

    This family is one of my favourites.
    Easy going, Fun, Sweet and ridiculously adorable.
    I would have just stayed all day.

    I am so looking forward to the next time I see them,
    and honoured I got to celebrate another beautiful daughter with them.

    Welcome Marley!