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  • Brittany & Ian | Lifestyle Maternity

  • Ive been really excited to finally meet Brittany and Ian.
    We have many mutual friends and grew up in the same area,
    but until now, have never crossed paths!
    Exceeding all of my expectations for how wonderful they are,
    I fell in love with their carefree nature and excitement
    for the journey they are about the embark on.

    Their Maternity session was taken beside the sea they love,
    spending most of their free time aboard their sailboat,
    it seemed most fitting and completely prefect.

    While we wait on the call that a baby is on its way…
    a few of my favourites from our session!

  • Stephanie | Lifestyle Maternity

  • I met Stephanie, Ryan and little Hannah at the Ocean side.
    The family had just settled in after a cross country move from Saskatchewan.
    Even just the thought of having her maternity photos near the ocean
    was so exciting for all of them.
    Hannah spent most of her time throwing rocks into water,
    as toddler do.
    In just a short while, she will become a big sister,
    and I get to go visit the family in their new home once they get settled in.

    I have loved getting to know them,
    and look forward to many more of our sessions together
    as they navigate parenthood with two beautiful girls and
    the wonderful ‘island life’.

  • Nash | Lifestyle Newborn

  • When I walk into a home of a family that has just had a new baby,
    the story I try and capture is about, not only that baby,
    but everyone in the household.
    Their story and how they are connected,
    is just as important to me.
    And that wee Baby is in the very centre of a wonderful story.

    This is especially true in homes where there is an older sibling.

    Parker has just become a big brother.
    His world is all dinosaurs and Thomas the Train,
    and now…little Nash is there too.

    The sudden bursts of interaction, the little bits of frustration,
    the juggle, the boundaries…
    the Love.
    All a part of it.
    Those are the things I love to see.
    They dont last long, soon the boys will be playing trains together,
    so its this fleeting moment in time we like to hang onto.

    This is the Anderson Family.
    Now a Beautiful Family of Four,
    and Welcoming a sweet little baby boy, called Nash.

    Here are a few favourites of my time with them…..

  • Atira | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Sweet Little Atira came into this world just a wee bit earlier than anyone expected.

    The night that her mother, strong and fiercely gave birth to her, I was there.

    The family spent 2 weeks in the NICU making sure she was getting everything she needed
    before coming home, and calling me to come and snuggle her, and maybe photograph her as well 😉

    Shannon and Scott have settled in just perfectly with their two gorgeous girls
    and Isis greeted her sister when coming home from school with undeniable love and affection.

    When I asked her what her favourite part was about being a big sister,
    she looked up at me, holding her baby sister, and said “Everything”
    I said, “You have been waiting for this a long time haven’t you”
    “Yes I have” she said.

    Welcome to the World sweet Atira.

    What a lucky girl you are with such a wonderful family and an incredible Big Sister.

  • The Bestwicks | Maternity & Lifestyle Newborn

  • It is so incredibly wonderful to re connect with people you knew from what feels like a million years ago
    (also known as High School)
    Ive known Sarah for almost 20 years, it seems crazy to say that, but I have.
    So I was absolutely delighted when I got an email saying she wanted me to help her and Brett celebrate this journey.
    At 36 weeks pregnant I met them on a stormy night, ocean side.
    It was amazing and likely one of my favourite shoots to date.
    Their connection is undeniable and the unbelievable sky we had was the perfect backdrop to Sarahs gorgeous growing belly.

    About a week later I received a cell phone photo of a fresh baby girl.
    She wrote “Thankfully we took the maternity photos when we did because she came early!”
    I just love surprises.
    Sweet little Isabelle Eveline was born healthy on September 7th weighing a wee 5 lbs 9 ounces.
    Just the sweetest little thing with a full head of dark hair.
    I met her about a week later when I was welcomed into the Bestwicks beautiful home,
    now a family of three.

    Honestly I could share every frame this family is so beautiful,
    I had goosebumps as I went through them.
    I am so grateful to be witness to such love.

    Thank you Sarah and Brett,
    Your Journey is just beginning and you are off on a wonderful start

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  • Beautiful Breastfeeding Mini Sessions

  • Every Summer I look forward to the Breastfeeding Mini Sessions.
    I love meeting new moms, and seeing familiar faces.
    I love the conversations that it brings,
    Often we chat about what the breastfeeding journey has been like for them.
    Some come with fresh babies and are still figuring it all out,
    Some come to the session because they are now nursing a toddler
    and can feel that soon, their child may want to wean.
    I love to sense of community and celebrating Motherhood in any way I can.

    I am in love with every one of these photos.

    Thank you Mommas for sharing a little bit of your journey with me.
    I hope that these photographs are able to bring back tender memories
    when one day your babies are heading off too school….

    Time goes too fast….

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  • Clara | Documenting Passion

  • Deciding to take a break from the classic yearly dance portraits,
    Her mom contacted me and said, “Can you capture Clara dancing. She just wants to put on music and dance”

    She came with her iPod and a speaker…
    She took no direction at all from me and danced.
    I kept my camera ready and just watched her.

    It was Beautiful.

    Only 12 years young, she has the grace of a ballerina and the sassiness of a strong willed farm girl.
    She is excited by life. Excited by dance.

    It was an honour for me to document her passion.
    I hope you can see it in these photographs
    She had me and the onlookers in the park in awe.

    Dear Clara.
    Look at how AMAZING you are.

    and Thank you.

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  • The Mazzei Family | Lifestyle Family

  • The Mazzei Family.
    Two adorable children, Hudson and Marlo (and a cute little dog)
    complete this gorgeous family of Five.
    We spent an evening at Neck Point Park and were blessed with gorgeous weather.
    The perfect backdrop for this Beautiful family.

    Honestly, it was hard to choose favourites, but Ive narrowed it down a bit here 😉

    I hope you enjoy them!



















































  • Vanessa & Rob | Maternity

  • Maternity Sessions are so exciting.
    I love the energy you get from couples.
    A mixture of excitement, nerves and love as they are about to jump right into the adventure of a lifetime.
    Vanessa and Rob are just about ready to meet their sweet little girl.
    Very, very soon.

    I was so honoured to be able to celebrate this time with them.

    I had many favourites from this session.
    Whats not to like…
    A stunning couple connected and in love.
    A Beautiful Belly complimented by some gorgeous backdrops.

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  • Lisa & Josh | Maternity

  • What a pleasure it was to photograph Josh and Lisa!
    I know them, a little, through friends.
    But I just love really getting to know people while I take their photos.
    They love each other.
    Do they ever.
    It was easy and effortless to capture, because you could see it on their faces and
    feel it in the air.
    What a wonderful environment for a baby to grow in, and soon for a baby to grow up in.

    The next time I hear from them, they will letting me know baby has arrived.
    And I can’t wait to see how their love grows and surrounds this new little life.

    Until then, here are my favourites from their Maternity Session.

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  • Kelsey and Darcy | Expecting!

  • Do you Remember these two????

    Well their having a BABY!!!
    Im really excited to see these two become parents.
    I have seen first hand the kind of connection they have,
    I have also seen how they love their sweet dog Finn.
    And this sweet lil babe is going to be so loved!

    Not long now Sweet Baby Caston, not long now 🙂

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  • Alyson & Clay | Expecting

  • Alyson and Clay are expecting a baby…any time now really 🙂
    We spent a gorgeous evening celebrating this baby at Neck Point Park.
    They brought along their first ‘baby’ a kind and gentle pup, who will have no troubles looking after the newest member.
    What a lucky little Baby to already be loved by so many.
    And now…we wait.. 😉