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  • Stephanie | Lifestyle Maternity

  • I met Stephanie, Ryan and little Hannah at the Ocean side.
    The family had just settled in after a cross country move from Saskatchewan.
    Even just the thought of having her maternity photos near the ocean
    was so exciting for all of them.
    Hannah spent most of her time throwing rocks into water,
    as toddler do.
    In just a short while, she will become a big sister,
    and I get to go visit the family in their new home once they get settled in.

    I have loved getting to know them,
    and look forward to many more of our sessions together
    as they navigate parenthood with two beautiful girls and
    the wonderful ‘island life’.

  • Patrick and Krystal | A Wedding Story

  • Ive known for a couple of years that Krystal and Pat were going to get married.
    It was really a matter of how and when.

    She told me in the very beginning that she wanted me there,
    and well…that just brings tears to my eyes.
    I loved that I got a message the day they got engaged,
    I loved that I was part of the planning,
    I love when I am in on all the secrets šŸ˜‰

    One this was for certain from the very beginning,
    She wanted to make sure she honoured her father who is no longer with us.
    and she carried him in her heart all day.

    They had decided to have a simple ceremony at Pats parents GORGEOUS property.
    I met them before all their guests for a First Look
    and then we drove up to Pats Grammas home and property,
    a place that has special meaning for him.

    Our last stop before we headed to the ceremony was a little country road,
    a place Krystal strongly connected with after movingĀ here.
    Then we made our way to the beautiful ceremony where their closets friends and family gathered.

    Pat and Krystal, thank you.
    What an amazing day with you two and
    I am honoured you have entrusted your memories with me.

    Pat & Krystal Rutti
    July 15th 2017
    Saltair, BC

  • Jasmin | Celebrating Graduation

  • My earliest memories of Jasmin are of her as a young girl, maybe 4 or 5.
    Her big round brown eyes and adorable giggle, were hard to resist (still are)
    At every family function, she wore a beautiful dress, no matter what the occasion.
    Even now when I think back on her a big smile comes to my face.
    It seems like it really was just yesterday.

    She is a favourite in our home.
    She babysits our children as often as she can, and they look forward to seeing her
    and often talk about her for days after she been here.
    I love those moments when I get to connect with her.
    On the way home we talk about her life.
    School, swimming, friends….
    and the hard things in her life.
    The stuff she has had to overcome & work through, to become who she is today.
    She amazes me.
    Her maturity, kindness and strength
    is something I can only hope for in my daughter one day.

    On this particular evening we got to celebrate her.
    I was happy to do it.
    Because everyone deserves that moment.
    Especially her.
    We met at my favourite spot, during the ‘blue hour’
    she was beautifully dressed in a gown she designed and made all on her own.
    She was perfection.
    Beside her, Autumn, her sister.
    I love that she chose her to help her celebrate these moments.

    What an honour it was for me to be able to photograph her and leave her with something amazing to remember this time in her life.
    Already she is off on amazing adventures and I cant wait to see what comes next

    I love you Jazzy

    ~Aunty Ash

  • Elora | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Linda and Jason were some of my first clients, ever.
    In the 5 years Ive known them, I have been there for some very special moments.
    So when she told me she was expecting again and wanted me to come to the home
    to welcome the final member to the Moir family,
    I was thrilled.
    Any chance I get to reconnect with wonderful clients like them AND snuggle a baby…Im there!

    Sweet, little Elora is completely loved by two older sisters (and a couple of patient wonderful dogs)
    and dad, now surrounded by beautiful girls.
    Linda takes to motherhood effortlessly and beautifully and I loved being able to capture that again.

    Welcome to the world Elora.
    What a wonderful family you have picked!

  • Luca Grace | Lifestyle Newborn

  • I first met Ashley, Jeff and Caris a little over a year ago,
    When I was hired to photograph their Elopement on a beach in Parksville.
    I was an amazing night and I find myself often missing the family,
    wishing I could spend more time with them.
    So when they contacted me again for another celebration, I was over the moon!
    This time we were celebrating the arrival of their second baby girl, Luca Grace.
    I arrived at their quaint, wonderfully decorated home and find two little girls inside.
    Caris was still as adorable as she was a year ago and Luca, oh Luca, how beautiful you are!
    I love spending time with Ashley and Jeff, like visiting old friends and have to remember that I am there to work šŸ˜‰
    Hardly feels like work with this family.
    Im already looking forward to the next time I get to see them.

    Welcome Luca Grace to your wonderful family,
    you are a lucky girl šŸ™‚

  • Marley | Lifestyle Newborn

  • I feel like the biggest compliment I can receive
    is having a family invite me back into their home for a second time.
    It had been three years since I had last visited Michelle and Simon.
    Little Melody was only 2 weeks old then.
    And the photos I took that day, still remain to be some of my favourites.

    This time, I was there to welcome another little girl, Marley.

    When I walked through the door I was greeted by the first set of blue eyes, Simons.
    Then I squealed (literally) over this sweet babies soft head of amazing black hair!
    Then I was greeted by a second set of blue eyes, Michelles’.
    And then finally, Melodys’ baby blues, who was shy at first,
    but it didn’t take long to be invited into her tent for tea.

    This family is one of my favourites.
    Easy going, Fun, Sweet and ridiculously adorable.
    I would have just stayed all day.

    I am so looking forward to the next time I see them,
    and honoured I got to celebrate another beautiful daughter with them.

    Welcome Marley!

  • The Van Dyke, Gueulette and Henderson Families

  • Did you know this is the 4th year I have been photographing Andrea, Justin and their three children?
    The backdrop of our photos is always their stunning property.
    Emery, was only a few months old then…
    Every year I arrive and the children are playing in their gumboots,
    She tells me “this is how we are” and so I get right to work and always love every second of it.
    Last year they invited me in for Christmas cookies when we finished and this year it was pizza…
    Part of me just wants to claim a bedroom and say for the week.

    This year almost the whole family came along too.
    What a fun time.
    I love the connection they all have especially Shirley with her grandchildren and two beautiful daughters
    I took photographs of them until the sun dipped behind the trees
    and then I went home to the beautiful chaos of my own life that looks much same as the Gueulette family home.

    Im already looking forward to next year

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  • Lynne & her Beautiful Family

  • I have a feeling I am not the only one in this life who is enchanted by Lynne.
    She is the kind of woman, when you are in her presence she immediately makes you feel at ease.
    There is a sparkle in her eye, and a kindness in her voice that made me feel as though I could cuddle up bedside her all day.
    Maybe thats strange to some, but I know that her three beautiful daughters would agree with me.
    The’ve likely been witnessing that ‘pull’ to her, their whole lives.
    They are a strong family. All of them survivors in one way or another.
    And while its not my story to tell, I hope that though these images you can feel that strength,
    that love and the bond they all share.

    And I didn’t just photograph the immediate family, I photographed the WHOLE family!
    All the people closest to Lynne (Minus a few who couldn’t be there)
    What a wonderful bunch they are and what a wonderful way for me to spend a morning.
    I left the session with a happy heart and a smile on my face.

    Thank you Lynne, for sharing your family with me.

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  • The Bailey Family | Lifestyle Family Portraits

  • Three things that were amazing about this session:
    1. The family is so wonderful, but what stuck out most for me is how Shelley, the mom, could tell me all the things she loved about each of her children.
    And the way she spoke about them brought tears to my eyes.
    2. My cheeks hurt from laughing when I arrived home.
    3. They let me ride up in the Fire Truck, and sit in the front seat!

    All of these things, and including the fact that Joe and Shelley raised three gorgeous daughters,
    who picked three really great guys
    and choose to share them all with me in a location that meant a lot to them,
    makes for an incredible and memorable session.

    Thank you Bailey family for all the laughter, for the Fire Trucks and for all the Love.
    What an incredible evening.


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  • Hannah | Lifestyle Newborn

  • It was just a little over Two years before this that I was in the same room photographing Lily, just a few days old.
    Now, she is a big sister to Hannah.
    Two lucky little girls flourishing in a home filled to the brim with Love.
    I was also there in the wee hours of the morning
    as Jess delivered Hannah in a Birthing Pool in the front room.
    Afterwards she climbed into bed, and as she nursed her for the first time,
    Lily woke up, came in to meet her sisterĀ and Mitch made Pancakes.
    It was the perfect morning.

    I loved come back to see how they were settling in as a family of four.
    And as you can imagine, they are just perfect.

    Welcome Sweet Hannah.

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  • Hudson

  • To say my sister has over come some pretty incredible odds would be an understatement.
    Although she has lived an exciting life, she has had more than her share of heartache.
    You’d never know.
    She commands a room with her positive, beaming energy.
    Her contagious laughter can be heard throughout a home
    and you just ‘know’ she is the kind of person that would do anything for you.

    She came into my life when I was 12 years old.
    The sister I never knew I had.
    And although we have lived our lives in different places, and in different ways,
    Motherhood brings us closer together.

    Renae met Nigel 6 years ago.
    In that time they have built Ā beautiful homes in Nicaragua and the Shuswap.
    They live a life full of hard work, love and a lot of laughter.
    3 years ago, they decided they wanted to have a baby.
    Things were not easy.
    Suffering from severe endometriosis, conception was harder than they imagined.
    My heart sank for her.
    Why? For someone who endured so much in such a short life,
    why would the world not grant her this one thing without heartache?
    After three failed IVF treatments, they came home, preparing themselves that, for now, it was still the two of them.

    Then I got the call.
    All on their own, a baby was on the way.
    Tears. Just tears.

    This is how my nephew came to be.
    Though tears and triumphs,
    heartache and then at last happiness,
    There is Hudson.

    Welcome sweet Boy
    You are so loved.
    We have been waiting for you.

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  • Cassia Pearl

  • The Hollett family hold a special place in my heart.
    From the time I was toddling around until about 13 years old, they were my neighbours and my best friends.
    I attended Sunday school with them, swam in their pool, climbed their hedges
    and sold kittens and lemonade on the sidewalks in front of our homes.
    They were my second family. And I loved them.
    When I get to celebrate moments like these with people I already love and admire, it fills my heart with such warmth.
    Its so lovely to see how people grow. The life they make for themselves. The people they choose to have to share it with.
    Ryan and Nikki have a life filled with happiness, love and 2 beautiful girls to share it with.
    Cassia Pearl was welcomed into the Hollett family early in the morning on June 8th.
    Beautiful, Content & Happy.

    Welcome Sweet, Darling Girl. Welcome.