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  • The Bates Family | Lifestyle Family

  • I met the completely adorable Bates Family at one of my favourite local spots.
    As Felina said, the walkway would be perfect for containing
    ‘active’ toddlers and the bird sighting are always a great distraction.
    The beautiful, rich fall colours and textures surrounding us
    were the perfect backdrop against this beautiful, fun family.
    Oscar and Leila were perfect,
    tolerating me, my camera and my antics during nap and snack times
    which is asking a lot from such sweet little people.
    (and big people too! lol)

    It was hard to narrow down some favourites,
    I loved them all,
    But here are some that pulled at my heart.

  • The Carlson Family | Lifestyle Family Photos

  • When I met the Carlson Family, I liked them immediately
    You know you’re just going to get along,
    The kids are cute and have a great sense of humour
    and everything just flows….as it should.
    I had met Dan however, a year ago, when he bought a Gift Certificate for his wife Kelly last Christmas
    (What a good husband)
    Dan is a photographic enthusiast as well and so for years he has been taking the family photo.
    But it was my turn this time and giving him a chance to be very present with his Beautiful Family.

    Here are a few favourites from my morning with them!

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  • The Jaggers Family

  • I feel like ever since I became a Photographer, Renee has been one of my biggest supporters.
    Always there with a “like” or wonderful Comment on many of my photos.
    Its that kind of support that keeps me going most days 😉
    So when she messaged me to say she would like a family session,
    I was delighted to finally get to meet the woman behind a familiar name I had seen often.
    The Jaggers Family were wonderful.
    The session was full of laughter, kindness and Love.
    I am happy to finally know them, face to face.
    A what sweet faces they are.