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  • The Bates Family | Lifestyle Family

  • I met the completely adorable Bates Family at one of my favourite local spots.
    As Felina said, the walkway would be perfect for containing
    ‘active’ toddlers and the bird sighting are always a great distraction.
    The beautiful, rich fall colours and textures surrounding us
    were the perfect backdrop against this beautiful, fun family.
    Oscar and Leila were perfect,
    tolerating me, my camera and my antics during nap and snack times
    which is asking a lot from such sweet little people.
    (and big people too! lol)

    It was hard to narrow down some favourites,
    I loved them all,
    But here are some that pulled at my heart.

  • Stephanie | Lifestyle Maternity

  • I met Stephanie, Ryan and little Hannah at the Ocean side.
    The family had just settled in after a cross country move from Saskatchewan.
    Even just the thought of having her maternity photos near the ocean
    was so exciting for all of them.
    Hannah spent most of her time throwing rocks into water,
    as toddler do.
    In just a short while, she will become a big sister,
    and I get to go visit the family in their new home once they get settled in.

    I have loved getting to know them,
    and look forward to many more of our sessions together
    as they navigate parenthood with two beautiful girls and
    the wonderful ‘island life’.

  • The Tromp Family | Ashley Marston Photography

  • Over 4 years I have watched this beautiful family grow.
    I started photographing Yui and Mike the day they got married,
    and now, here we are, two beautiful children later.
    Every time I photograph them I enjoy our visit.
    I love getting to see the kids grow and I ‘think’ Rebecca may be warming up to me 😉
    How lucky am I to be the one to capture them year after year.

    I know these photographs will make their way to Japan,
    and so I hope that her family enjoys seeing the beautiful love filled life
    that she has here in Canada.

    Here are some of my favourite of the Tromp Family!

  • The Worrall Family

  • Ive been close to Aylas’ Story from the day she was born.
    Not only have I been friends with her mom for 15 years,
    But each year I have documented her life with the people she loves.
    A wonderful circle of people that love, care for and nurture her
    as she navigates life with cerebral palsy.

    What I love most about Ayla is her tenacity. That, she gets from her mom.
    Her cheekiness comes from her dad
    and her wonderful heart comes from the outpouring of love and patience
    that comes her way both in her home and every where she goes,
    and from everyone she meets.
    Because her smile and personality is infectious, and as my son Tate says
    “Everybody Loves Ayla”

    ….and he’s right.

  • Rosie | Lifestyle Newborn

  • When shooting, editing and blogging this adorable newborn session,
    Im fairly certain that a smile never left my face.
    This family is as sweet and funny as they are adorable,
    and if I didn’t have to go home to my own kids,
    I could have just as happily moved myself in for the week
    to share in the laugher, toddler conversations and baby snuggles.

    Little Rosie is about the sweetest thing you ever did see.
    Her easy going nature and big bright eyes fit right in here.

    I was so happy and honoured to come over to celebrate her arrival.

    So incredibly hard to choose favourites…
    So prepare for an over share 😉

  • Matt & Arianna | A Wedding Story

  • I remember when they started dating.
    I actually remember when I decided that he was the one for her.
    You see…you had to be really great.
    I mean…really great to be good enough for ‘our Arianna’
    She was not only our niece, but a big part of our lives as a nanny to our children.

    I guess you might say I became a bit protective over her…
    He won me over quickly.
    Maybe it was the way he just fit in,
    how he ‘wanted’ to come over to be with my kids…
    Or maybe, it was that I could see that he really loved her.
    He was completely hers.

    The day was perfect.
    I spent time behind the lens wiping tears away,
    as my sweet niece put on her dress,
    walked down the isle and married the man who adored her.

    I cried just as much editing these as I did on the day of the wedding.
    A day filled with love, laughter and music.
    There is nothing better.

    Thank you Arianna and Matt for allowing me to capture such an amazing day…

    Here are just a few moments that I thought you would love.

    Aunty Ash

  • Siena | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Sweet Darling Siena is here.
    Perfectly Planned and loved,
    her beautiful story started in Southern France.
    When Ken and Megan arrived home
    from their vacation to find out they were indeed pregnant,
    they were thrilled.
    I had the pleasure of photographing them while Megan was expecting,
    and so I was looking forward to meeting this sweet little girl once she had settled in at home.

  • Nora | Lifestyle Newborn

  • Celebrating and Welcoming sweet babies into the world
    is what brings me the most joy.
    I love walking into the home that has heard her first cry,
    will see her first steps, and the door she will be heading out to kindergarten from.
    Sweet, sweet Nora has been blessed with the most wonderful beginning.
    I am so happy and honoured that I was able to photograph a glimpse into that.

    Ever so hard to even begin to pick favourites from this session,
    I had to try…

    These were the ones that made my heart swell.

    Welcome to the world Darling Nora

  • Ty | Herbal Bath

  • Julia had asked me to come over to her home during those first few postpartum weeks,
    by celebrating with a Herbal Bath session with her and Ty.

    Herbal baths are both healing and calming for a new mom and babe
    and although sweet Ty took a little bit of coaxing
    and a lot of snuggling before he wanted to enjoy his.

    Julia now tells me the bath is one of his favourite places after our time together.

    What I love most about the session is its a very real glimpse into those first weeks of motherhood.
    A beautiful brand new baby against a soft postpartum belly is one of my favourite things in this world.
    Something meant to be celebrated and honoured.
    And for the first half of our session, that is where Ty felt the most safe.
    Right close to his mom.
    Skin to Skin.

    I am so thankful to Julia and sweet Ty for entrusting me to Document this time for them.

    A wonderful Start to Motherhood,
    Here are some of my favourites

  • Breastfeeding and Baby Wearing | Mini Sessions

  • Every year I look forward to the Breastfeeding and Baby Wearing Mini Sessions
    Its a wonderful time for me to connect with Mothers in the community
    and capture this fleeting moment in their life.

    I love that they come to me at different parts in their journey.
    Some still navigating the world of Breastfeeding,
    and some hanging on to those last few nursing moments…
    knowing they are about to wean any day.
    All of these things connect us as woman,
    and as mothers.
    Its an honour that they ask me to capture this time for them.

    Here are just a few favourites from some of my Mamas and Babes ….

  • The Lee Family | Lifestyle Family

  • Let me tell you about the Lees
    (Every time I say that the lyrics for ‘Let me tell you about the Birds and the Bees’ pop up in my head)

    Maybe Ill start by telling you all the things that I love about the Lee Family

    I love that the children are excited to see me

    that they are comfortable around me and are wonderfully ‘themselves’

    I love their sense of humour, the whole family.

    I love that each of the kids is a perfect mix of wild and compassion

    I love depth of Luke and the vulnerability of Grayson
    I love that Anya holds her own in a beautifully spirited way.

    I love Debs laugh.

    I love watching them with their children.
    Its a perfect orchestra of chaos, fun, and affection.
    This is very much like my own family life,
    And so I always feel completely at home when I am with them.

    I love that I get to capture them year after year.

    Tonight Ill leave you with the Lee Family
    and its easy to see how they have become one of my very favourites

    They’ll likely become your favourite too

  • Berkley | Fresh 48

  • If there were ever moments that are the most fleeting,
    It is those first 48 hours after birth.
    There is a mix of haze and wonder, and an overwhelming sense of love.
    Your moments are spent looking at your baby, touching her toes, her hair,
    laughing every time she yawns or sneezes,
    and in complete awe of her every time she opens her eyes to look at you.
    You are also navigating breastfeeding, recovery from birth and postpartum

    All of this happening in one room…in one day.

    When I arrived to meet Berkley,
    her grandparents were there.
    ‘first time’ grandparents, my favourite kind.

    After a few photos with their granddaughter they stepped out to let me photograph the new family together.

    Mallory & Ben share the same sense of humour as I do
    and so while there was a lot of snuggling going on,
    there was also a lot of laughter.
    something Im almost certain is a common occurrence in their home.

    Welcome sweet ‘Rainbow Baby’ Berkley
    you are so incredibly beautiful,
    and so incredibly lucky to have so many people around you
    that love you so.

    It was an honour to meet you
    and photograph your beginnings in this world